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Friday, August 7, 2009

Monk Season 8 - Episode 1

So the final season of Monk is here. What an underrated show this has been for all these years, being more like a 1 hour comedy than a drama. The cases are just a nice backdrop for our favorite OCD detective.

I wasn't expecting fireworks with 15 more episodes to go, but this has to be one of my top five least favorite episodes. The plot revolved around a childhood celebrity who was in Monk's favorite television show growing up which was a straight rip off of the Brady Bunch. And it appears someone is trying to kill her.

Monk stumbles in to being her bodyguard, but even this can't bring up some of the amazing Monk charm. It just seems this was a Monk resting on 7 solid years of great shows and this was just a cobbled together, typical Monk.

And many of his best OCD Monk moments were not present. And near the end there is a scene that will make My Name is Earl fans cringe as they are forced back to those terrible sitcom episodes when he was in a coma.

Not even the supporting cast could help much with no Dr. Bell, no Julie, a little less Natalie, and a lot less Captain and Randy.

But it is still Monk so even one of the worst episodes ever still has several laugh out loud moments and memorable one liners. When the assistant asks Monk if he can be the body guard for 1,000 dollars a week, Monk responds that is fine, but he can't pay all at once. After the assistant responds no they would pay him 1,000 a week, Monk agrees that is even better.

I am really happy Monk is back and sad this is the last episode. I just hope we will have a few classic episodes by season's end to go with all the other wonderful episodes of the past 7 seasons.

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